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Ya Li

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Ms. Li is a patent attorney with a bachelor's degree from Automation department of Dalian University of Technology and a master's degree from System engineering institute . She is one of the founding partners of IPfaith Partners. Prior to that, she was a senior patent attorney and a group leader at a leading intellectual property IP firm in China.

Ms. Li is very knowledgeable of the Chinese Patent Law and Regulations, and has a tremendous rich experience in Chinese patent practice. She concentrates her practice on patent drafting, prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, patent infringement litigation, patent administrative litigation, and other IP-related consulting services. She has handled thousands of prosecution up till now.

Ms. Li has over ten-year experience in the fields of electrical/electronic technology, in general, including circuit, semiconductor, computer technology, optical device, electronic device, Auto Parts, fiber optic technology, image processing technology, Multi-Functional Printer, digitizer, and etc. Ms. Li has handled patent prosecution in China for NEC, brother, Wacom, NGK, Sharp, Sumitomo Electric, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, and etc.

Ms. Li is a native Chinese speaker with full professional proficiency in Japanese and English. Ms. Li worked with an Intellectual Property Department of a well-known Japanese enterprise in 2007. Ms. Li had the opportunity to get to know the Japanese corporation culture, and was absorbed in studying the differences between China and Japan in terms of patent practice. During this period, she also had the honor of being involved in an activity of "mock-up court" held in Tokyo and Osaka respectively, which activity was reported by the Japanese media, and was well received by the Japanese patent community. Therefore, Ms. Li thoroughly understands the problems of patent protection taken care by the Japanese enterprises when entering the Chinese market, and their confusions about the Chinese patent practice. Ms. Li is widely welcomed by the Japanese clients due to her accurate comprehension of their requirements and the ability of providing customized and effective solutions.

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Auto Parts
Computer Technology
Optical Device
Electronic Device
Fiber Optic Technology
Image Processing Technology
Multi-Functional Printer

Master, System engineering, Dalian University of Technology, 2002
Bachelor, Automation, Dalian University of Technology, 1999

Chinese Patent Bar

Mandarin Chinese, Native Speaker
English, Full professional proficiency
Japansese, Full professional proficiency