We pride ourselves on our high standards of services and commitment to our clients. After leaving the leading IP law firms of China, for which we worked for more than a decade, we started up our own firm because we all had and always have the faith "we must do it in a better way". As to the question why choose us, all of the answers we listed below are deeply rooted in that faith.

Accessible 12 Years Experience

Our founding partners all have worked with top IP law firms as senior patent attorneys for at least 12 years. Each piece of our work is endorsed by our experience accumulated in the past decade in helping dozens of famous multinational corporations, handling their litigations and thousands of prosecutions. Whenever drafting a patent, we will examine the drafted technical solution in various possible infringement scenarios we have experienced in previous litigations, so as to provide the most robust drafting quality.
Moreover, instead of only monitoring the quality of work of our subordinates, we offer the clients our experience in an accessible way. Our partners not only supervise the cases but also contribute substantially in each piece of our work from scratch.

Be a Part of Our Client

Even those big law firms act sometimes like an outsourcing firm, we don’t. It is always our goal to work as a part of the in-house professionals of our clients.
We consider each case at hand as a project that we work on together with the client, not just an order from the client. We proactively help our clients to improve their understanding to the Chinese IP law, instead of just passively following their instructions on a streamline.
We develop strong ties with our clients: Our attorneys discuss with each of our clients in order to understand their specific needs for intellectual property right protection; Our attorneys stay curious for not only the technique to be patented, but also its place in the client’s whole production lines as well as its influence on the market, so as to understand or even predict the client’s demands; Our attorneys will be very pleased to visit the producing factory of the clients to see the real product on-site.
We frequently update our clients with the information on the client’s local competitors as it is of the same importance as the legal updates.

Considerate Cost Control

Although we usually bill by the hour, we actually provide capped price services and many free services for our clients. We fully understand the importance of a predictable budget as to our clients.
Besides, each group we build up for a case comprises only the necessary attorneys and staffs, so as to avoid the client being excessively charged by any big lawyer lacking real contribution to the case.

Dynamic & Flexible Service

We build up team of experts for our clients in a case-by-case manner in consideration of the requirements on both technical background and legal expertise. Sometimes, the cost concern from the client side is also taken into account.
We make quick response to the development of the legal market and the technical innovations, guaranteeing our clients with a timely answer or solution for each of their new questions or situations.

Easy Reach to the Court

State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), Patent Reexamination Board (PRB), and the newly founded Beijing IP Court: all are within easy reach of our Beijing office. Our location in the essence area of Beijing facilitates us to continuously play an active role in both patent prosecution and patent contentious categories.

Fast & Well-organized Workflow

Upon the client’s request, we will immediately handle the entrusted case and keep the client apprised of any progress, instead of keeping the case in a queue of various workloads.
We submit most of our documents to the official institution electronically whenever it is possible. We are also adept at accelerating the application procedure via the newly implemented Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program. We promise our clients to offer our substantive opinions with a much faster speed than our best records when we were in the big law firms.
With years of managing experience of being director of a department or team leader, our partners are very skillful in handling a broad span of control. With the aid of our efficient workflow management mechanism, we minimize the time interval between the inquiry of our clients and the response to our clients; besides, this mechanism also helps our clients to rapidly allocate their attorneys in our firm.
We manage the IP cases in a timely, responsive and customer oriented manner. We proactively inform our clients which attorney actually works on the case and guarantee the background of the attorney perfectly matches the case as well as the client’s previous needs. We carefully annotate each of our cases throughout our workflow to make sure everyone of our responsible attorneys and staffs clearly understand the specific needs of our client in each step.