IPfaith Partners is a partnership intellectual property (IP) law firm focusing on providing high-quality IP legal support for both domestic and foreign clients. All partners and senior professionals, who form elite team of IPfaith Partners, have ever worked with top Chinese foreign-related IP law firms for more than ten years, and have accumulated very rich experience in IP cases and team management. We are familiar with even any tiny difference in IP law practice between China and main industrialized nations or regions such as Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, and etc., and have established long-term partnership with a number of firms in main hot market regions in the world.
Based on Chinese legal and commercial practice, IPfaith Partners pays close attention to increasingly personalized legal demands of the clients in their commercial activities. We are capable of providing high-efficiency and prospective professional legal service and advice in the field of intellectual property including patent, trademark, copyright, plant variety protection, and etc. in terms of grant, right verification, dispute resolution, and judicial protection. We are also able to assist our clients in customs recordal of IP rights, license, technique transfer, legal counseling, infringement investigation, intangible assets evaluation, due diligence, and further, as a consultant, we can provide the enterprise with systematic service including IP development strategy, IP standardized management, crisis management of IP issues, and etc.
All of our professionals graduated from top universities with master or doctorial degrees. A vast majority of us also have oversea experience for studying in law schools or working for famous MNCs or law firms, and our multiple working languages include Chinese, English, Japanese, and German. The technical fields of our partners and attorneys cover traditional industrial areas including computer, communication, semiconductor, pharmaceutics, biology, chemical engineering, materials, food, mechanics, automotive engineering, textile, packaging, paper, print, and medical apparatus and a variety of active innovation areas including internet, nanotechnology, 3D printing technology, robotics, nuclear power, wind power, and etc.
With a philosophy of "pursuing excellence and keeping faith", we wish to grow rapidly and solidly in today’s booming economic environment in China, together with our clients.

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